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Cloud Moodle 2+ Development & Testing Servers

Cloud Service

Pay for what you use - tear down when done! Hosted on Rackspace cloud environment.

PhpMyAdmin and Eventum

MySQL Database Management (PhpMyAdmin) and Issue/Bug Management (Eventum) included

Developer Moodle Plugins

Codechecker (Moodle coding standards) and Moodlecheck (Moodle PHP Doc checking) installed

All Moodle 2 Versions

All Moodle 2 versions on the server - kept up to date with Git version control

Developer Tools

Git version control, Unit testing with PHPUnit integrated into Moodle and xdebug AND profiling with Moodle supported xhprof.
Behat to follow soon.

Test Data .... COMING SOON

UK 3 form entry Secondary school users and courses with realistic names and courses. Also available separately for use with other development projects.

All for a setup fee of £20.00 per setup

(up to 5 servers in 1 order)

Running costs from 10p/hr per server